Are you looking for Sky, Sky plus or a
satellite dish installation or repair

TH CONTRACTS can provide and install a satellite dish that can receive signals from the UK or

I am experienced at carrying out discrete satellite dish installations and my van is fully equipped for all

your specifications and needs.

Any problems with reception or repairs needed please call

Have you had all you sky cables install by electricians and they need to be finished?

Need a telephone connection to your sky box? i can advise and install or repair all your satellite requirements .

I am fully trained to the highest level in health and safety and am fully insured to work at your

home or work place. 

I can also carry out them tricky satellite installations that sky can’t do for health and safety reasons.



Sky satellite installations to your chimney

colchester sky engineer repair

Sky installationI can often provide an installation where many others have failed. Give me a call and join the group of customers now viewing Sky where several other sky installer companies have told them that Sky was not possible. As a Sky independent installer company we are able to offer installations that Sky installers themselves are not able to.
With Sky + you can pause, rewind, record and playback live TV on your Sky Plus box with the option to plan your viewing in advance, recording your favourite TV programs so you never have to miss a thing. We can install both standard and none standard satellite installations.
Sky HD – Picture quality is four times clearer and sharper, colors more vibrant you will not be disappointed. You will need an HD ready TV to receive high definition pictures. Also the Sky HD work in the same way as the sky plus box which means you will have the recording facilities too.